How To Hang A Blanket

Our blankets make the perfect wall hangings! They're the ideal weight (around 3lb each) and thickness to hang. We receive lots of questions about the best way to hang them, and although they are light enough to hang with a few clips or tacks, if you want a solution that will give you the perfect mounted tapestry, follow the below steps:

1. Steam or iron the blanket to get rid of the fold creases.
2. Go to your local hardware store and buy a “smooth edge” or "carpet edge". These are also known as "gripperrods" (UK) or "carpet tack strips" (USA) depending which country you're in. They will be in the carpet section and are traditionally used to hold the edges of carpet down.
3. Make sure the smooth edge is as long as the shortest edge of the blanket - or the edge you plan on having on the top side. You may need to buy more than one.
4. Take the smooth edge and place it on your wall. Make sure it is level using a spirit level - this is an essential step!
5. Hammer the nails already present on the smooth edge into the wall.
6. Line up the top of the blanket on the smooth edge and press down until it is being gripped by the mini nails on the wood.
7. Done!